OEM Solutions

Looking for the right partner to help your product succeed? Avehicle can design a combo pack of capabilities that will enhance its potential and differentiate it from competitors alike!

Make your Car Accessories stand out from the crowd

As a leading supplier in its industry,Avehicle offers turnkey alternatives for high performance car accessories and wheel cares. We provide multiple OEM solutions that improve the function and appearance of your products, giving you more time to focus on what matters most in business – making money!

logo customization

It’s not just a logo,It’s your entire brand. We offer custom logo services that include labels ,silk printing,laser printing and mold engraving for all of our clients’ needs from one-time orders to large scale production runs! And expanding your brand reach even further

logo sticker

Label sticker logo

If you want to put brand logo on product and quantity less than 200 pcs, stickers can be your choice: no limited color quantity and complex logo also looks great. 1. White background normal sticker 2.Transparent background logo sticker. So just choose one color that fits your logo and air compressor. If you are not sure which one will be better, just contact us for free mockup!

silk printing

Silk printing logo

If you want to make brand logo looks luxury and quantity more than 500pcs, you can choose silk printing logo on air compressor, silk printing can choose pantone color number, that means if your brand has own color, contact us and send pantone number.

laser logo on metal

Laser logo

Laser engraving technology is one of the largest application fields of laser processing. It is a marking method that uses high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or produce a chemical reaction of color change, so as to leave a permanent mark. Radium carving can print all kinds of characters, symbols and patterns. This technology is a good choice for customers with small orders

embossed logo

Embossed logo

if you are not satisfied with flat logo(printed logo) logo and quantity more than 5000pcs, we can customize embossed logo for you. Embossed logo need make tooling and molding time normally it's long, if you have plan for embossed logo, contact us for estimated production time so you can prepare in advance.

Packaging customization

Box customization

Want to design your own customized boxes? We can create any type of shape that is needed for branding purposes. You also have the option of directly using our common box template with logo and text designs; all at an affordable price!

Buckle box

Aircraft box

Drawer box

Manual customization

warning attention
performance data


Any color printing can be designed to ensure customers happy mood after purchasing products!


Any Language can be customized, just sending us the original text. You will also be able to convey more than one language on one manual, which is great!


Any Manual style can be customized.Book style,fold style or just simple one piece economcal style is fine to customize.

Conventional manual folding method

manual shape 1
manual shape 2
manual shape 3
manual shape 4
manual shape 5
  1.  Half Fold
  2. Double door fold
  3. Organ fold
  4. Parallel fold
  5. Cross-fold
  6. Roll paper fold

Looking to make your product outstanding in the market?

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free 3D sketches for mould project that you can take advantage of.

Color customization

pantone card

Color for tire inflator

You can choose change one area color and whole product color for car tire inflator,
For example,if your pantone color is 2347C red, we can change centre area into 2347C,check mockup on left.
If you want to change color for car tire inflator, contact and inform us which model you want to change color, our design team will show your personalized car tire inflator.

pantone card

Color for vacuum cleaner

We can change color for button and vacuum cleaner.
Confirm model number first, then contact us and show pantone number,
If you cannot sure which color will better,feel free contact Best Avehicle for more solutions.

Configuration customization

gauge design

car portable air compressor with analog


Analog with red color marked area help you check tire pressure value easily when you using it,
You can feel the process of tire pressure increasing slowly as the inflation pump operates.

12v air compressor for car with digital screen


Digital display screen equipped with auto-stop function, you can preset value before inflation,
Once tire inflation arrive the value, tire air compressor will stop.

best portable car air compressor with big screen digital

Big Screen Digital

Big Screen digital is upgraded version of digital, font is bigger than normal digital and data display in digital pressure gauge.

Cylinder diameter

22mm cylinder

The cylinder is a cylindrical metal machine that guides the piston to move in a straight line in the cylinder.
Due to the cylinder pressure area is large resulting in pressure will become smaller, generally speaking, the volume of small logistics pressure will become larger, bigger cylinder inflation speed faster.
If you need to fill the gas into the object, you need more pressure to do, you can choose the size of the cylinder according to the different products targeted.
You can get 7 different cylinder options from Best Avehicle to meets different request for below diameters:

Besides, you can choose 1 cylinder or 2 cylinders into tire inflator, inflation speed for 2 cylinders will be faster than 1 cylinder. Even you want to add cylinders in vacuum cleaners make them be special. Contact us for your personlized cylinder customization.

Power supply

Car power cord

Power cord

Whether it is vehicle-mounted air compressor or vacuum cleaner, the length of power cord can be customized, and the power supply mode is to choose vehicle-mounted power supply or battery power supply

Portable Battery

Battery capacity

For such small electrical appliances, we usually have four capacities of batteries: 1500mAH, 1800mAH, 2000mAH, and 2200mAH, which are basically two or three batteries in terms of customization

Mold customization

M3668 car air compressor amazon

New product development process

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