M3660 Rechargeable Cordless Digital air pump for car

M3660 Rechargeable Cordless Digital air pump for car

Luxury straight rechargeable cordless air pump with USB output, you can use it as power bank in emergenic


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Max Pressure

150 PSI



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Extra nozzle x 3

Pressure meter


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Details About M3660 Rechargeable Cordless Digital air pump for car

Cylinder  size Pressure  meter Function Volt Power Battery  capacity Inflation time Line length Accessories Size Weight PCS/CTN
Cordless 16mm Digital Air inflation      Lighting                  Auto stop                USB output 12.6V 70W 1500mAH*3 9’30” / Inflation nozzle*3 30.2*8*8cm/Box     51.5*32*35.5cm/CTN 0.65kg/Box     16kg/CTN 24

Wireless digital air pump is versatile, you can use it in the following scenarios:

1. Flat tire

When you find that the tire pressure of the vehicle is faulty while driving and the nearest car repair point is far away,
then rechargeable cordless air pump in the car can be quickly activated.

Even in the dark, the equipped lights can help you find out the situation in time.

2. Ball inflatable

If you have a cordless air pump, that means you can use it to inflate balls, balloons, swimming rings, inflatable boats…

You will get 3 different inflation nozzles, including ball nozzle, tire nozzle, and balloon nozzle.

Usually put it in the car,  small size will not take up the space, but when you need a digital air pump, it will be of great use.

How to use rechargeable Cordless Digital air pump for car?

First Step: Screw the gas tube to the tire inflator body

Second Step: Attach the air hose to the valve stem

Third Step: Long press the power button to wake up the screen

Fourth Step: Press the U button to switch the pressure unit, and then press the “+” or “-” button to adjust the tire pressure

Fifth Step: Press the power button to start

Final Step: Wait until the air pump reaches the preset value, it will stop automatically


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Multifunctional Gas Nozzles Assembly

Accessories for automobiles,motocycles,bicycles,lifebuoys,various ball games

inflator nose
car tire
Ball inflatable nose
Swimming ring inflator nose
Swimming ring
balloon inflator nose

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