How To Customize The Car Vacuum Cleaners With Your Brand

While placing orders for vacuum cleaners, you can customize each product with your brand. It’s a way to get more brand recognition in the automobile market.

Also, you can stand out from your competitors in car service centers, accessory stores, and others with your brand logo on the vacuum cleaners.

So, this post will guide you on how you can customize the car vacuum cleaners with your brand and its benefits.

What Is Vacuum Cleaner Customization?

Manufacturers like Best Avehicle offer customization according to your needs. The vacuum cleaner customization usually refers to placing your logo, color, packing on the product as well as mold design. You can go for ODM as well as OEM customization.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

ODM refers to the customization of the vacuum cleaner’s design and specification.

Right from the manufacturing process, the order will be customized as per your demands. The manufacturer will meet your requirements from design to production of vacuum cleaners. All you need to do is to provide specifications related to rebranding, designing, and product.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

OEM customization refers to maintaining company standards during the manufacturing phase. In this process, experts keep the product design and specification according to the pre-defined standards.

At the end of manufacturing, you’ll get your logo and packaging on the product. That way, you can sell vacuum cleaners with your brand name.

Moreover, you get fast delivery of the vacuum cleaners. It’s because there’s no modification in the product design and specification. Once you receive the order, you can start selling the vacuum cleaners.

OEM-backed models often give you an added advantage of a manufacturer’s warranty. It protects you and customers from paying extra amounts on repairs.

Customize Car Vacuum Cleaners With Your Brand

Now let’s have a look at how we customize the car vacuum cleaners with your brand.

1. Mold Customization

We offer mold customization to rebrand vacuum cleaners with your business logo. Our custom design experts work on OEM and other professional mold creation.

The goal of our mold creation is to lower the production cost and increase profit for your business.

The molding customization is used in embossing your brand’s logo on vacuum cleaners. We have the right set of tools to perform mold customization.

However, you have to contact us prior to placing the order to get an estimate of the production time. It’s because mold customization for a large order takes time.

2. Customized Packaging

We also offer packing customization for car vacuum cleaners. You can prepare a blueprint of the expected packaging. After that, our customization team will design the boxes as per your requirement.

You can go for any shape you want for the vacuum cleaners’ packaging. Also, there are some custom packaging templates available on our website. You can get help from there while preparing the packaging blueprint.

Custom packaging will make your brand stand out from the competitors. No doubt, the packaging of a car accessory product influences the customers.

Therefore, customizing the vacuum cleaner’s packaging can make your brand recognizable from the crowd.

3. Customize Your Brand

A.Print Your Brand.

We use silk printing technology that can print your brand’s logo using the pantone number. So if your logo has a specific pantone number, share it with our customization team. We’ll then print the logo on the car vacuum cleaners.

B.Sticker your brand

Another brand customization option is stickers. If you place an order of less quantity, for example, 200 pcs, go for the customized stickers.

We offer a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns on the stickers. Also, our customized brand stickers are available in two types:

  • Normal Stickers With White Background
  • Logo With Transparent Background

You can contact our design support team for a free sample of the customized logo of your brand.

The customized stickers pair up well with the handheld cordless air compressor tire inflator and small commercial car vacuum cleaner. You can even send us your requirements with custom logo design, color, patterns, and transparency. We’ll then create a mockup and validate the stickers.

After your validation, we can start working on the bulk customized logo stickers of your brand.

Why Should You Customize Car Vacuum Cleaners With Your Brand?

The customized logo of your brand on the vacuum cleaners catalyzes your business promotion. You get the following benefits from brand customization.

1. Spread Your Brand Awareness Among Your Customers

First, rebranding the vacuum cleaners with your business logo creates brand awareness. Customers who look for car accessories get to know your brand.

Whether they visit an auto parts shop or a supermarket, looking at your logo on the vacuum cleaners will create a brand image in the customers’ minds.

2. Boost Your Business in Automobile Industry

Getting a customized logo on the products will gain you exposure in the automobile industry.

Also, car dealerships and service stations will recognize you if you are new in the car accessory market. That way, you can easily target the customers who frequently visit such platforms.

3. Gain Loyalty From Car Cleaning Centers

The cleaning centers will use vacuum cleaners that have your brand’s logo. So these businesses might become your potential customers.

Also, they can sell those rechargeable vacuum car cleaners to their customers. That will ultimately favor your business profit and brand recognition.

More About Portable Car Vacuum Cleaners

Car vacuum cleaners are getting more common these days. People like to keep them in their cars since they are portable. They look for an easy handheld device to keep their car’s interior tidy.

Therefore, you can sell the vacuum cleaners with your logo to the electronic stores that deal in such accessories. That’s another viable option to boost your business.

Also, it’s a useful accessory for people who run private transport businesses. They can clean their car’s interior on their own with the vacuum cleaner. That way, such businesses save a huge cost by not visiting the car service centers.


At Best Avehicle, you can find trendy tire inflators and portable car vacuum cleaners. We offer complete ODM and OEM product customization. You can request:

  • Product Specification
  • Product Design
  • Packaging
  • Customized Logo Sticker
  • Product’s Manual Customization

The customized products conform to the industry standards. You can start marketing and selling the vacuum cleaners right after receiving them.

Also, you can contact our team experts here to find better solutions if you are confused in making a decision.


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