How to Customize the Tire inflators for your business?

If you want to make your wholesale or retail business outstanding in this industry, you definitely need to brand your tire inflator. According to Avehicle’s OEM solution, we can tailor the inflators as you like, from simple logo printing, color, packaging to complex new mold projects. We can help you achieve what you want.

Below are what you can custom. But if you have other special requirements, just contact our experts.

Ways to CustomSpecification
Custom Logo1. Logo Sticker for small order
2. Screen Printing logo (mostly applied) or Heat Transfer logo for multiple colors.
3. Laser logo on especially mini cordless air pump
4. Engraved in the mold for big project. Strong brand recognition
Custom ColorWe can customize any color you supplied with CMYK or Pantone Code.
Custom Gauge1. Analog for cheaper option
2. Digital for better option, but more expensive.
Custom Cord Length1. 3M (most common)
2. 4M
3. 5M
4. 6m
5. any meter you want
Custom Cylinder Size1. 15MM (Mini inflators for bike and motorbike)
2. 16MM (Mini inflators for bike and motorbike)
3. 17MM (Mini inflators for car, bike and motorbike)
4. 19MM (most common, regular car)
5. 22MM (most common, regular car)
6. 28MM (regular)
7. 30MM (heavy-duty)
8. double cylinder or other requested. (for heavy-duty)
Custom Power Supply1. DC12V With Cigarette plug
2. Cordless Battery Supply
3. 110V AC/DC Supply
4. Battery Clamp
Custom Accessories1. Equipped with quickly inflate nozzles.
2. Sports Ball adaptor
3. Raft and Mattress adapter
Custom MoldIf you want to launch a specific design on the air pump, we will assist you to make it real.
Additional Features1. Built-in flashlight
2. Built-in led display
3. Overheat protection
4. Built-in vacuum cleaner
or any other requests…

For more checking more details,pls go to the OEM solutions page.


Hi,I am May, I have been in this car accessories industry in 5 years and I will share you the most valuable information.The purpose of this article is to share with your knowledges related from a Chinese Supplier's Perspective.


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