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If you are looking for a place to buy auto tire inflator, this is the right spot. We have plenty of options and competitive prices so that all kinds or people can find something they need!

Supplyingly as an supplier with high-quality products at great rates; we would be your best choice whether it’s wholesale business or just buying one item here in quantity quantities

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You’ll find 8 different sections of information on this page, including an introduction to the app industry and its segments. We also cover product types/categories as well as customized capabilities for your business needs; production processes & procedures in detail so you know exactly what’s involved before placing an order with Avehicle.
If there is something specific that we haven’t covered yet but interests you (or anyone else reading), please contact us via email or call us.


Our tire inflators can be used not only on vehicles, but also on other objects that need to be inflated, such as sports balls, balloons, bicycles, charging mats, etc. Our cost-effective tire inflator can help you expand more individuals than accumulate more customers.

inflatable cushion

Likewise, vacuum cleaners can be used not only in vehicles, but also in other situations that require cleaning, such as the desktop, living room, kitchen and bedroom.When presenting vacuum cleaner to your guests, a multifunctional vacuum cleaner will be more appealing to them.

living room

Product Catagory

Best Avehicle deals not only in manufacture and wholesale car air compressors, but they also sell other car accessories in bulk.Here are our products catalogue:

M3609 digital air pump tire car

car air compressor

Avehicle supplies wide range of car air compressors.Every year we will develop new designs to stay competitve.You can customize as you like to improve product usability, helps you gain more customers. 
You can get 1-year warranty support from us, don’t hesitate and start your business now!

M3668 smart car air pump

wireless air pump

Small size and lightweight wireless air pump is popular over the last 2 years,it’s easy for customers to carry and store. Inside LED light ensures consumers can use wireless air pump at night. 4 different modes increase the competitiveness in the market and the cost-effectiveness of products.Avehicle has more than this model.Click below button and get more details for other popular corless air pumps.

M6657 car mini vacuum cleaner

portable car vacuum cleaner

The 18 inch cable is long enough to solve the cleaning problem of the rear seat. Whether it is a seat or a bicycle, 3 vacuum cleaner mouths can meet the requirements of special fabrics.In addition, we are equipped with a spare HEPA filter and provide a one-year warranty.

best avehicle tire repair tool set

Car Accessories

Tire repair kit is small size and lightweight, it can repair punctures quickly and effectively on the way, widely used in different applications for tubeless tires of cars, mountains, roads, e-bikes, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, ATVs, etc., to meet the needs of all types of use.

Choose the right automotive air pump for your needs

We are the leading supplier of auto tire inflators in China. With many years experience and an extensive range, we offer one-stop shopping for all your requirements with competitive pricing that can’t be matched by other suppliers on offer today! Our high quality products will ensure satisfaction whatever you choose so why not contact us now?

OEM Solutions

You will get the best of what you need ,when and how you want from Avehicle’s. With our Customized approach we can offer you different plans that suits your brand needs perfectly while also meeting all requirements.

Logo Customization

Customize logo on car tire inflator and vacuum cleaner will help your customers remind brand name easily, on the other hand, logo on product is a free way to advertise your brand.
As time pushed,you will accumulate more and more loyal customers in car life accessories and your brand will be famous in the industry.

customize logo on tire inflator

Package Customization

If you are a brand dealer for tire inflators when your distributors put your products with other brands, bright and unique packaging can often get customer attention at first sight.
You can get more than 10 box shapes, different colors printing and unique information printing from best avehicle.

customize own car tire inflator color box

Color Customization

Would you like to have a car tire inflator with a bold color scheme and a sense of style to attrative your customers?
We can customize pantone color for tire inflator and vacuum cleaner,
each model made by different accessaries, then you can choose pantone one part or whole product.
If you cannot sure what product with patone looks like, contact us for free mockup.

customize pantone color air pump at car service

Configuration Customization

We can customize the built-in parts and systems such as display screen, cylinder, input cable and batteries according to your special requirements. That means if you are 80% satisfied with one model, contact best avehicle and let us know which part need be adjusted. Don’t hesitate! We will help you 100% satisfied for air compressor and vacuum cleaner.

change display for amazon air pump car

Mold Customization

Want to create new shape car tire inflator? Or do you just have draft but want to design new vacuum cleaner?
We have professional 3D mold design team, even you no own design team or don’t know how to use 3D mold software, contact Best Avehicle and we will help your idea come true.

change car tire air pump portable surface

The process flow and duration Estimation

Avehicle both provide hot sale stock products to help smaller wholesale business as well as OEM big project.Our aim is to help you earn more profit.With below steps,you will feel easy to start!

Stock Ready Order Process

Start the profitable car air compressor wholesale so easy with our ready to ship models!

Custom Order Process

Make your custom car air compressor step by step

The Basic Knowledge About Tire Inflators

Want to know about how to import the air compressor? Avehicle has the answers you’re looking for! Here’s everything that matters, right here in one place

What is a tire inflator?

The tire inflator is a device that can be used to fill your vehicle’s flat tires with air.

How to use a tire inflator

  • Check the air pressure in all tires
  • Get the tire inflator and unpack it
  • Plug the inflator into a power supply
  • Connect the nose to the flat tire
  • Fill the air

How Much psi Do I Need To Fill My Tires

A vehicle tire has a certain pressure depending on its size. Achieving a specific pressure when inflating tires is important because over-inflating can cause damage and under-inflation will decrease tire life.

How To Customize Your Tire Inflators ?

If you want to make your wholesale or retail business outstanding in this industry, you definitely need to brand your tire inflator. we can tailor the inflators according to Avehicle’s OEM solution.

What Are The HS Codes Of Tyre Inflators

HS code help you to learn the import duties on your particular kind of tire Inflators.

The HS Code for Avehicle tire Inflators is 8414809090

Why Choose Avehicle Tire inflators over other local ones

Avehicle focus on popular designs and user experience.Working with us ,you will get the first hand hot tire inflators and skyrocket your business!

Videos on How The Tire inflators Works

Necessary Certification for wholesale tire inflators

Avehicle has gained all necessary certification for the air compressors and trading over the world.With factry audit BSCI and product quality certification ,you will be rest assured for expanding your buisness.


The full name of business Social Compliance Initiative BSCI is to advocate the business community to comply with the requirements of social responsibility organizations. The company is required to use BSCI supervision system to continuously improve social responsibility standards in production plants around the world


EC countries have different requirements for imported and sold products. Goods manufactured according to one country's standards may not be listed in other countries. As part of the efforts to eliminate trade barriers, CE certification came into being. Therefore, CE certification represents European unification


RoHS is a mandatory standard formulated by EU legislation. Its full name is restriction of hazardous substances. The standard has been officially implemented since July 1, 2006. It is mainly used to standardize the material and process standards of electronic and electrical products, so as to make it more conducive to human health and environmental protection

A brief self-Nomination,Why choose Avehicle?

Our business model is designed to make car air compressor wholesale business easy for our customers. We can design, make, store, ship other car accessories as well, and do a lot more:

Customer service

Our company has been working for 12 years and has rich sales experience. Our customer service staff will help customers solve all production problems

Research and development

We have a professional R & D team to help customers develop their own products, so that customers can establish their own brand, get better profits


A complete production chain is the basis to ensure delivery on time, our production team will never let our customers down


In terms of quality, we must achieve excellent products that fully meet the market. The products will undergo three quality inspections before shipment to ensure customer satisfaction after receiving the products


We have a complete warehousing system. For products with large market demand, we will reserve a large number of spot goods for customers to have as many choices as possible when placing orders

After sale

Our principle is to do everything possible to serve our customers. If we really encounter the problem that the products can not be used after receiving them, we solemnly promise: only replace them but not repair them

The Real Factory Video


Best Avehicle was founded in 2013, and we have been in this field for more than 10 years, amazing!

20 Advanced Automatic Machines,3  round strict on-site inspection in each batch of order ,BSCI Audit and ISO 9001 Certified Factory ensure the quality of the products.

You can get below information from Best Avehicle:
1. Personalized wholesale solution
2. More than 100+ car life accessaries
3. Free customized mockup
4. Free scientific function test report
5. Free QC inspection report
6. Newest car life accessaries market information

FAQs About Car Air Compressor wholesale

Avehicle has been manufacturing and wholesaling air compressors for cars for over 10 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

Q: What Is The wholesale Price Of the Tire Inflator if I buy a small bulk?

A:  The price of car air compressors depends on the size,material, corded or cordless, manual or automatic.The average value of Avehicle air compressors is: $3 – $30.Most wholesale customer prefer price from 8$ to 15$.



What is the most important feature of Avehicle's car air compressor?

Our 10-member professional design team will push out new products every year to ensure your freshness in the market, and we’re so good that our designs are ranked at number 3 on Amazon North America. With customized logos of all shapes & sizes catering for any imagination – you won’t have any problems finding what it is that suits your fancy best!

Q: What are the payment options?

A: For small amount,You can use western union or paypal,which has a 5% extra paypal charge, but for bulk order, Normaly we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment and the rest before shipment.For some countries, we can also accept LC.

Q: Can I come to China for factory inspection?

A: Sure, you are welcomed to visit our factory.While due to the epidemic issues,Now we only support online video factory inspection by using zoom or other software.

Q: How long does it usually take to receive the goods?

A: Depends on whether you want to do customization your tire inflators or not, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship regular stock air compressors in less than 2 business days, and for custom orders in 25 days.

Q: What's your Warranty policy?

A: First we will do full inspection for each item before shipment.In case there is any problem in the products, we will replace it instead of repair it.Our Warranty is 1 year.


Q: What's the standard cord length of the car air pump?

A: The standard cord length is 2.8 meters exposed.

But we can customize with your requested length.

Q: Is there any accessories coming with the inflator?

A: Yes,it will have a nozzle package, including a fuse. Vent valve. Blue air nozzle, red air nozzle composition.but we can customize with your requests.

Q: What's the difference between Digital display screen and Analog display screen?

A: Digital display has higher accuracy(±2psi) than Analog display(±0.7psi),It has 4 quick tire pressure unit switch which is more user friendly.And it has auto start and stop.

Q: Can the air pump inflate the bed?

A: Yes, but it will charge very very slowly.We don’t recommend you to use the tire inflators to charge beds or othe big stuff. Because it really takes time.

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After signing the agreement, we will not wholesale any more products to your country or region, your orders will be processed and shipped first, and we will execute your custom air compressors’ design after you send us the first time. Click the buttons below, and let’s grow your brand together.

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