How Much Psi Do I Need To Fill My Tires?

Most car tire inflators come with meters that measure the value of pressure in psi, bar, and sometimes also in kPa(kilopascal).

So what are PSI, Bar, Kpa, and what’s the difference?

PSI stands for “pounds per square inch”, which is used to measure either pressure or stress.

The bar is a unit of measurement which gives the pressure as the force applied perpendicularly on a unit area. It’s like pounds per square inch (PSI), but just in different form.

So Psi, Bar, KiloPascal ( kPa ), e.t.c are all units of pressure.

The conversion between bar, psi and kpa are as below.


Achieving a specific pressure when inflating tires is important because over-inflating can cause damage and under-inflation will decrease tire life.

As we know,A vehicle tire has a certain pressure depending on its size. Before inflating the tire, we must be sure of the psi of your car.

Normally, the pressure is often listed in an easily accessible location like on a sticker or inside driver’s door. If you don’t have those available to refer too, then check around for owner’s manual information that might provide this crucial detail.

In case you can’t find it. you can take below chart as a reference.

Basketballs,etc.7.5 to 8.5 PSI0.52 to 0.58 bar52 to 58 kpaCheck Detail
Bicycle80 to 140 PSI for road tires,50 to 70 PSI for hybrid tires to 9.6 bar for road tires,3.5 to 4.8 bar for hybrid tires550 to 960 kpa350 to 480 kpaCheck Details
Motorbike28 to 40 PSI1.9 to 2.75 Bar190 to 275 kpaCheck manual or Ask manufacturer
Sedan Cars32 to 35 PSI2.2 to 2.4 Bar220 to 240 kpaClick
Suv , Vans32 to 35 PSI to 58PSI varied in size2.2 to 2.4 Bar to 4 Bar220 to 240 to 400 kpa 
Pickup Trucks35 to 40 PSI2.4 to 2.75 Bar240 to 275 kpa 
ATV4 to 8 PSI0.27 to 0.55 Bar27 to 55 kpaCheck details
UTV12 to 18 PSI0.82 to 1.24 Bar82 to 124 kpa 
Large VehiclesDepend on sizeDepend on sizeDepend on size 

To make it more user friendly, all our tire inflators are set with regular Psi or bar for a quick start inflating.

But if your vehicle is special, it’s still the best way is to see the user manual for the specific tire pressure needed or just to contact the manufacturer.


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