DIY Car Vacuum Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Sending your car to a washing service is easy. They clean it from the inside and outside, leaving no dirt behind. However, it’s pretty expensive as global inflation affects every automobile service.

You are left with DIY car vacuum cleaning, which is a simple task only if you have the best car vacuum cleaner.

With that, you must know the direction and steps of cleaning your car with a portable car vacuum cleaner which we’ll disclose in this post.

Tools for Car Vacuum Cleaning

First, you need a portable vacuum cleaner for your car that should be powerful and bagless. There are numerous brands available in the car accessory market selling vacuum cleaners. However, not every accessory can clean your whole car in one run.

The vacuum cleaner you choose should be cordless for maximum efficiency like the ones available at Best Avehcile.

A cordless vacuum cleaner doesn’t require any cable to work. It runs on a rechargeable battery. It also doesn’t have a bag which makes vacuum cleaners bulky.

So take opinions from people who have been using portable car vacuum cleaners for ages. Then, once you finalize your decision, find the best car accessory from a Chinese manufacturer and get yourself a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore, you will need the following accessories with the car vacuum cleaner:

  • Flexible hose
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brushes
  • Multiple wands

Once you have gathered the required tools for DIY car vacuum cleaning, follow these steps.

How to Vacuum Clean Your Car?

You must follow the upcoming car vacuum cleaning steps to avoid complications. You will get the best results once you are done with this activity.

Remove Rubbish

First, pick up the general trash like wrappers, cans, grass, unwanted paper, and cloth, and throw them in the garbage can. Next, pick up the seat, find every trash you can see, and dispose of it. This rubbish can damage the car vacuum cleaner if it sucks them.

Remove Objects

After removing all the visible trash, remove your belongings from the car. It’s easier to vacuum clean your car if it’s almost empty.

Pick up stationery, cups, chargers, phones, wallets, keys, bottles, and snacks. Take out everything that’s not attached or mounted and needs time to be dismantled.

Start Basic Vacuum Cleaning

As your car is ready for vacuum cleaning, attach a large flexible hose to the vacuum cleaner and start cleaning your car.

The large hose is the best wand to remove all the visible dust and dirt from the car’s upholstery. In addition, this hose can clean the seat cover, pockets, dashboard, roof, and foot mats.

While cleaning with the large hose, you will see that even the dirt invisible to the naked eye is being removed. Therefore, it’s a faster way to vacuum clean your car.

Don’t pay for valet car cleaning service. Instead, buy the best cordless vacuum cleaner from Best Avehicle today and clean your car’s interior.

There will be no need to connect any cable and make specific directions. Instead, just turn on the vacuum cleaner and get rid of every kind of dirt from your car.

Change Brush Attachments to Remove Dirt

After basic vacuum cleaning, attach the brush to the vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning.

When you don’t regularly clean your car’s interior, the dust particles settle inside the fabric’s skin. You can’t remove them with basic vacuum cleaning.

That’s why the brush attachment dislodges the dust particles from inside the upholstery’s fabric and makes them removable.

You might not see the difference clearly for now after brushing the seats and foot mats. But the final result will definitely amaze you.

Use Flexible Crevice Tool

A flexible crevice tool is a useful attachment for your car vacuum cleaner. There are many hard-to-reach areas in your car that you can’t clean without using a crevice tool.

These areas include seat rails, sides, back seats, and the base of the seat.

You should also know that many car washing services ignore these areas while cleaning your car’s interior. It’s because either they don’t have the right set of tools or they want to quickly finish cleaning your car as other clients are waiting.

Therefore, get a crevice tool for your car vacuum cleaner before cleaning your car. That will remove all the dirt from your car, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Remove Pet Hair

Having pets is enjoyable until you realize that a simple vacuum cleaner can’t clean pet hair inside your car.

The pet hair easily sticks to the car’s upholstery, and you can’t remove them without using a special accessory. That’s why a motorized brush is recommended to remove pet hair from car seats.

The motorized brush is a user-friendly device that runs on a battery. So make sure you keep it fully charged before vacuum cleaning your car.

Use Steam

Many detailers use steam to clean car interiors. You can also use a steam cleaner after basic vacuuming while cleaning your car to get the perfect result.

Moreover, steam is the best alternative to chemicals. You just have to pour water into the steam cleaner’s container and start cleaning the car.

Additional Vacuum Cleaning Tips

No doubt, DIY car vacuum cleaning takes time. Even if you take your car to an automobile cleaning service, it will take at least 2-3 hours.

Therefore, schedule this activity for the weekend when you don’t have to use your car. Take full time while vacuuming your car.

Plus, use the small portable wireless car vacuum cleaner with multiple wands to properly clean each area of the car’s upholstery.

You should clean your car from the inside every month to keep it nice and tidy.


DIY car vacuum cleaning is easy only if you have the best car accessory. You can find the top-quality car vacuum cleaner at Best Avehicle, renowned for manufacturing modern tire inflators and jump starters.

While vacuuming your car, make sure you don’t leave any rubbish inside your car. That can damage the vacuum cleaner. Also, keep the car vacuum cleaner fully charged so it doesn’t interrupt the activity, and you get your car’s interior brand new once again.


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