Top 10 Jump Starters You Should Invest in 2022

A vast majority of car owners and drivers don’t know the status of their car batteries. So even if their car is showing symptoms like struggling to start, they don’t realize that the battery is at risk.

So in situations when your car battery dies, a jump starter is the smartest way to revive it again. Especially on long road trips and unknown places, you must have a jump starter in your car tool kit.

Now, numerous brands are selling their jump starters, making it a challenge for the customers to make a buying decision. That’s why we have gathered the top 10 jump starters from reputable brands that can help you grow your car accessory business.

Best Jump Starters

If you are looking for the best jump starter for yourself or your business, this list will help you choose from the top 10 brands.

1. Best Avehicle

Location: China

Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors

Founded in: 2013

Main products: Jumstarters, tire inflators, and vacuum cleaners

Best Avehicle has a team of skilled professionals from the automobile and engineering industry. The experienced personnel supervises the in-house tire inflator, vacuum cleaner, and jump starter manufacturing.

In the beginning, the Chinese manufacturer dealt with the local automobile market. But with consistent, high-quality car accessory production, Best Avehicle created a global network. Today, this company deals across international borders without making any compromises in quality and legal formalities.

Furthermore, you can request customized orders and change the jump starter’s shape, size, display, color, packaging, and branding. You can also request a change in the technical specifications.

2. The NOCO Company

Location: Ohio, USA

Company type: Manufacturers, Designers

Founded in: 1916

Main products: Jump starters, battery chargers, and batteries

NOCO is a private American company that’s been in consumer battery production for over a century. During this long period in manufacturing, NOCO has revolutionized jump starters.

You can find advanced jump starters in the company’s catalog that gives enough power boost to a car battery. Moreover, the most demanding Boost HD GB70 provides up to 2,000 amps, which is enough to start a truck’s engine.

The jump starter also has USB ports. You can connect your phone, internet device, and other gadgets

3. Audew

Location: Hong Kong

Company type: Manufacturers, Designer

Founded in: 2013

Main products: Jump starters, vacuum cleaners, diagnostic scanner

Audew aims to bring safer car accessories to its customers. It’s a customer-driven brand, so Audew takes in customers’ reviews and optimizes the production accordingly.

The Audew Epower jump starter has an 18,000mAh capacity to start your dead car and charge your electronic gadgets.

The company manufactures advanced car accessories and makes sure no customer is left unsatisfied. Their strong research team never stops digging deep into the customers’ wants.

Audew expanded its product line after thoroughly researching the automobile and motorist market. In 2014, the company expanded its workforce and spread over six countries, including China, Europe, India, the USA, and Australia.

4. Harbor Freight

Location: California, USA

Company type: Retail

Founded in: 1977

Main products: Automotive accessories

If you are looking for quality car accessories at the lowest price, Harbor Freight is the place. This retail company can find almost anything for your car or motorcycle.

Harbor Freight doesn’t involve intermediaries. Instead, it directly contacts the manufacturer and takes in accessories at a wholesale rate. That’s why you get the lowest possible price at Harbor Freight.

The tools available at Harbor Freight are for multiple niches. Be it automotive service providers or DIYers, the wide array of quality tools is there for everyone.

This retail company also offers deals on selected purchases. You can visit their website and get the coupons that are available for a limited time.

5. Gooloo

Location: Washington, USA

Company type: Manufacturer

Founded in: 2014

Main products: Car jump starter

Gooloo is a research-based company that first launched its safer and simpler jump starter in 2014. They then tested the accessory in multiple environments. After validating its performance, the team registered Gooloo and bought its patent.

Gooloo knows the needs of today’s drivers and car owners, and that’s why it developed a simpler version of the jump starter for cars.

The simpler version refers to how fast it transfers the charge and revives the dead car battery.

In 2015, their jump starter would take up to three minutes to jump-start a car. The 2018 version took 60 seconds. But the 2020 jump starter model is now one button away from jump-starting your car.

6. Schumacher

Location: Texas, USA

Company type: Manufacturer

Founded in: 1947

Main products: Battery chargers

Schumacher is a versatile battery charger brand that originated from the sporting car background. With time, this brand innovated in the battery charger industry and manufactured a cutting-edge accessory to power car batteries.

Many customers reviewed Schumacher as being a trustworthy battery charger provider for cars, ATVs, and boats.

With 75 years of experience, Schumacher has launched different battery chargers, including EV level 2 chargers and modern jump starters.


Location: Maryland, USA

Company type: Manufacturer

Founded in: 1924

Main products: Power and hand tools for construction

DeWALT is an American power and hand tools manufacturer that is globally recognized for its top-quality accessories. The motto of DeWALT is guaranteed tough, which means their accessories will perform in harsh conditions, unlike other competitors.

DeWALT also keeps its product manufacturing consistent so customers can get the best of their wants.

You can also see how DeWALT makes changes to its products to improve their quality. Again, the change is more of innovation as it enhances ease of use and productivity.

8. Antigravity Batteries

Location: California, USA

Company type: Manufacturer

Founded in: 2009

Main products: Lithium-ion products

Antigravity Batteries is a renowned manufacturer of lithium-ion products for cars and motorcycles. Its MICRO-START jump-starters are available in different power categories. These jump-starters are for motorcycles, sports vehicles, cars, and other automobiles.

This company offers lightweight battery charging options. The jump starters are compact but of high power. That’s the innovation of Antigravity Batteries to keep the accessory powerful yet lightweight.

The battery categorization is as follows:

  • 6V
  • 12V
  • 16V

You will need the 12V MINI-START jump starter to start your car if its battery is dead.

9. Clore Automotive

Location: Kansas, USA

Company type: Manufacturer, Designer

Founded in: 2001

Main products: Jump starters, power inverters

Clore Automotive leads the designing, development, and manufacturing of modern accessories for the automobile industry. Its battery chargers and jump starters are of top quality. You can also check out its battery testers and lighting solutions here.

Clore Automotive also innovates in developing new products for different industries. Be it automobile, construction, or consumer goods; this company always came up with highly useful accessories.

Furthermore, the company’s customer care service is also up to the mark. You can reach their representatives and clear your queries. Their experienced technical support team will help you if you ever get in trouble with the Clore Automotive accessories.

10. Tacklife

Location: New York, USA

Company type: Manufacturer

Founded in: 2015

Main products: Power and hand tools

Tacklife is another affordable brand for car jump starters and other useful tools. This company started by researching the true need of customers.

Tacklife focused on making the accessories easy to use. That’s why many customers gave positive reviews about this brand regarding how practical and handy these tools are.

There’s a wide array of useful tools available in Tacklife’s catalog. You can find car tool kits, everyday hand tools, and other power tools.


These are the top-notch brands offering jump starters with different power settings. You can request a sample from each brand and might get to use it for a few days.

Moreover, don’t forget to read the reviews of a jump starter before buying it. You should focus on quality and affordability. The aesthetics can wait for later.

So, buy a jump starter today and make your road trips unstoppable.


Hi,I am May, I have been in this car accessories industry in 5 years and I will share you the most valuable information.The purpose of this article is to share with your knowledges related from a Chinese Supplier's Perspective.


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