Why is Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner for Car the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner on the Market?

Keeping your car clean is a regular job. If you miss the schedule, your car’s interior might become full of trash and debris. No doubt, you can’t keep your car clean 24/7. Your kids might drop leftovers on the floor while the dust doesn’t cease coming in.

Therefore, the Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner is here to clean your car’s upholstery. It’s lightweight, portable, affordable, and comes with different attachments. So keep reading to find out more about this useful car accessory.

What is a Brushless Vacuum Cleaner?

Many people think there’s no such thing as a brushless vacuum cleaner. It’s because traditionally, this accessory used to come with a brush. So you could clean the surface while the vacuum collected the debris.

But the manufacturers adapted to the latest technology and made the car vacuum cleaner with a detachable brush. The Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner by Best Avehicle also doesn’t come with a brush.

Instead of cleaning the surface, the powerful motor sucks the air directly into the dirt chamber.

Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner For Car

It’s a portable handheld vacuum device you can use to clean your car. The “3” in its name depicts three batteries inside it. This device also has the following settings:

  • Three batteries
  • Two batteries
  • Rechargeable
  • Corded

You can go for product customization while placing your order and tell the company’s experts about the changes.

Now let’s shed some light on the Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner.


Since this vacuum cleaner runs on batteries, you only have to power it on and begin your job. The motor turns on when you press the power button. As it’s a stick or handheld device, you don’t have to place it anywhere to clean your car. Instead, power on the vacuum cleaner and instantly move it to collect the dirt.

The Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner is the best option because it can easily clean the hard-to-reach areas without disturbing the car’s upholstery.

Moreover, this device doesn’t come with a bag. Instead, it has a small dustbin, which gathers all the dirt sucked through the vacuum’s head. That makes the device compact and portable.

The Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner has the following components:

  • Dust shield: It separates the dust from the air and keeps the debris packed inside the dirt chamber.
  • HEPA filter: High-efficiency particulate absorbing or arrestance filter is a performance metric for vacuum cleaners.
  • Dust cup button: You can open the dust cup and empty the dirt chamber by pressing this button.
  • Air outlet: It releases the air from the atmosphere to keep the vacuum cleaner functional.
  • Power button: This button powers on and off the vacuum cleaner. You can also adjust the suction settings from this button.

You might find a cable with different models of this device. That’s the charging cable for the rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaners.


The Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner has two suction settings. You can set the device on:

  • 1st gear: 3,500 pa
  • 2nd gear: 5,000 pa

1st Gear

The 1st gear suction setting is for ordinary use. You can clean your car’s inside and collect the dirt easily with this setting. Customers also said using the Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner inside their homes is quite productive.

Therefore, this device is a multi-purpose accessory. For example, you can clean your home carpets and furniture made of cloth using this device.

However, the 1st gear setting is not powerful enough as it doesn’t utilize the battery’s full potential. The motor runs only at 3,500 pa. But that’s also a plus as it will give you 25 minutes of running time. That’s more than enough for routine cleaning of your car.

2nd Gear

This setting is for rigorous cleaning, especially for dried mud spots and sticky leftovers on your car’s floor. The powerful 5,000-pa motor setting easily sucks out dirt with force.

You can observe the motor’s performance in the 2nd gear as it dries and collects dirt quickly from all surfaces.

The strong suction force is capable of collecting debris from a good range. When you bring the cleaner close to the dirt, the powerful suction will dry it and then suck it right into the chamber.

Such strong performance makes a tradeoff with the battery discharge time and reduces it by five minutes. That means the total running time of the Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner is 20 minutes.


There are two battery capacities in the Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner:

  • 2,000 mah*2
  • 2,000 mah*3

The 2,000 mah*2 vacuum capacity gives 8.4 V with 60 W power. This battery capacity gives one advantage: less weight for the vacuum cleaner.

However, the suction power ranges from 2,500 pa – 3,500 pa in the two battery capacities.

On the other hand, this handheld vacuum cleaner works with maximum efficiency using three batteries (2,000 mah*3). As a result, the device can easily reach the 5,000 pa suction power.

The only drawback of adding another battery is that it increases the vacuum cleaner’s weight.

Size & Weight

You will get the following size if you order the Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner from Best Avehicle (one CTN or carton represents 20 pieces):

  • 40*8*8.3cm / box
  • 44*41*36cm / CTN

The weight of these handheld vacuum cleaners is as follows:

  • 0.69 kg / box or 14.3 kg / CTN for two batteries
  • 0.74 kg / box or 15.3 kg / CTN for three batteries

You will also find a third option: a corded brushless vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t include any battery and weighs 0.65 kg / box or 13.5 kg / CTN. The corded model can give over 5,000 pa suction because it directly gets power from the source (your car.)

Final Words

The Brushless 3 Battery Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight handheld device. Its compact size makes it portable. You can also keep it with your car toolkit without occupying much space. Therefore, get in touch with the Best Avehicle service experts and place your vacuum cleaner order now for your car accessory business.


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