4 Necessary Certificates You Need to Get When Importing Car Accessories from China

If you are supplying car accessories from a Chinese manufacturer, certification is the factor you might have to consider after the pricing factor. It’s because the government authorities have put strict regulations on importing goods from China.

Be it the tire inflators or vacuum cleaners for cars; you must have the necessary certificates to receive your order without any inconvenience.

This post will disclose everything about the certificates you need to import car accessories from China.

Import Car Accessories from China

Chinese car accessories manufacturers like Best Avehicle offer good-quality products at comparatively low prices. That’s the first advantage of partnering with the best car air pump manufacturer.

The price difference undoubtedly puts you ahead of your competitors in the car accessory market. But if you lack the legal paperwork, your shipment might get delayed.

As a result, your car accessory business will suffer, and your customers and clients will stop relying on your business.

That’s why it’s important to know about the necessary certificates you must have while importing portable tire air pumps and vacuum cleaners for cars from China.

Certificates You Need While Importing Goods from China

The documents mentioned in this post are specifically for importing Chinese car accessories. The regulations vary from country to country.

1. Certificate of Origin

As its name suggests, this certificate proves that portable car inflators and vacuum cleaners are manufactured or produced in China. The label “Made in China” symbolizes a Certificate of Origin.

The exporter company provides this certificate to you. So if you are doing business with the best Chinese air pump manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about this certificate. The company will send you the certificate after completing all the formalities regarding your order.

This certificate ensures that the products fulfill the eligibility criteria for import from China.

Furthermore, a Certificate of Origin is of two types:

  • Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin
  • Preferential Certificate of Origin

Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin

The non-preferential Certificate of Origin is an ordinary certificate. It represents that the imported products don’t have any exemption from custom charges or other duties. You must pay all the import duties once you place or receive your order.

Preferential Certificate of Origin

On the other hand, a preferential Certificate of Origin determines that the imported goods are tariff-free. As a result, you don’t have to pay any charges once your order is delivered.

You can get the Certificate of Origin by following these steps:

  1. Prepare an affidavit with the notary’s attestation.
  2. Provide the commercial invoice or the manufacturer’s receipt.
  3. Fill out the Certificate of Origin.
  4. Submit all three documents, i.e., affidavit, receipt, and the certificate, to the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Mark the document you want to be attested via a stamp.

Once you have the Certificate of Origin, you can get your order without any additional scrutiny or charges.

2. Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice determines that the mini car air pumps and vacuum cleaners are exported across national and international borders. It’s proof that the transaction has been successful and the products are ready to be imported.

Again, the exporter makes the commercial invoice and provides it to you. However, you must stay vigilant as some manufacturers and exporters provide undervalued invoices.

They do so to avoid paying tariffs and gain more profit by illegal means.

These invoices don’t represent the true transaction, and you might suffer a loss once you receive the products.

So, what should you check on a commercial invoice?

  • Exporter’s full name with complete address and country.
  • Your full name with complete address and country.
  • Net weight, i.e., the weight of portable car air pumps excluding packaging.
  • Gross weight, i.e., the weight of products after packaging.
  • Unit price (currency will remain the same as of payment)
  • Delivery terms
  • Payment terms
  • Purchase order number
  • Transit number
  • Shipping insurance (if available)

So if you want to sell tire inflators, keep an eye on all the legal work.

3. Pro Forma Invoice

This invoice has the details of the shipment, including:

  • Number of products
  • Product’s features
  • Product’s size and dimensions
  • Final pricing

Although the pro forma invoice has all the required details, it’s not considered a true invoice. However, both parties use this invoice as a binding agreement.

You can’t use this invoice as proof of transaction without the commercial invoice. It’s because the purchase order number and the transit number are mandatory to be on the invoice.

Furthermore, banks and different custom agencies ask for a pro forma invoice as proof of duty. Also, your bank will easily give you a Letter of Credit once you show them the pro forma invoice.

4. Import/Export Declaration

This import/export or custom declaration has the list of the car accessories you have imported from China. Most of the time, customs officers ask for the import/export declaration. Without that, they might not let the order pass through customs, especially if you have ordered a bulk amount of cordless car tire inflators.

You can find samples of the import/export declaration documents online and fill in every detail about each product imported.

Moreover, a custom declaration form is necessary for licensed products. Your shipment might face delays if you don’t provide the declaration form to the customs officials.

You can find your import declaration form at the post office. Ensure you bring all the necessary credentials to complete the form.

These are the necessary certificates you need when importing car tire inflators and vacuum cleaners for your car accessory business. Although you might find more legal formalities, these are the most important ones, and you might not find any alternative as well.


Certificates and documents are necessary for importing car accessories from Chinese manufacturers. However, not every company fulfills these formalities because that’s an additional cost for each shipment.

That’s why get a quick quote from Best Avehicle now and place customized car accessory orders. You will get the best portable tire inflators and vacuum cleaners for your business. Also, Best Avehicle never overlooks any legal formality.


Hi,I am May, I have been in this car accessories industry in 5 years and I will share you the most valuable information.The purpose of this article is to share with your knowledges related from a Chinese Supplier's Perspective.


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