7 Best Tire Inflator Manufacturer You Should Know

Finding out your tire has low pressure when going on a long drive can cause many problems. Unfortunately, several frequent drivers have found themselves in this situation.

To fix this, you can either go to a gas station and pay to have it fixed. Or, you can take out your trustworthy tire inflator and level up the pressure within a few minutes.

But how would you know which one of the tire inflator manufacturers won’t disappoint you? You will come across several options when hunting for tire inflator manufacturers.

Choosing the best heavy-duty or portable tire inflator manufacturer can be daunting. So, to make this process easy and more convenient, we have created a list of top 10 recommendations.

Best Tire Inflator Manufacturers

The list includes portable tire inflator manufacturing companies from around the globe. Take a look, and you will find out which one of these manufacturing companies you can rely on.

1. Best Avehicle

Location: China

Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors

Founded in: 2013

Main products: Vacuum cleaners and tire inflators

For the best tire inflator manufacturing company, you shouldn’t look further than Best Avehicle. The brand provides top-quality tire inflators and vacuum cleaners for the money.

Avehicle was founded in 2013, and since then, they have stood out by maintaining top quality and standards. The brand initially lauded domestic trade in China. But, now it is growing manufacturer and has been supplying its products around the globe, specially in the U.S.

They are offering a plethora of essential car accessories to choose from. Best Avehicle also offers 24×7 online consultation, door-to-door shipping, and free personalized solutions, and HD pictures before delivery.

2. Makita

Location: California, USA

Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors

Founded in: 1915

Main products: Blowers, chain saws, tire inflators, air pumps

Makita is one of the top names in the U.S., delivering high-quality products around the globe. The brand was founded in 1915, over a hundred years ago, as an auto repair and electric motor sales company.

But today, Makita is an innovation leader, manufacturing millions of products at ten plants in eight different countries.

Over the years, the consumers of Makita have acknowledged the unmatched performance of their products. This brand’s construction quality and durability of tire inflators are due to their enhanced R&D capabilities.

Most commercial and personal shoppers recommend Makita for unprecedented power and performance.

3. AstroAI

Location: California, USA

Company type: Manufacturers, Suppliers

Founded in: 2016

Main products: Digital multi-meter, tire inflator, tire pressure gauge, air compressor

If you are wondering which is the best portable tire inflator manufacturing company, you should check out the catalog of AstroAI. The brand has always focused on developing the best household and automotive tools. Their driving force is innovation, and they have integrated an advanced digital marketing system to expand their customer reach.

The best part about AstroAI is that they provide their customers with market-leading products that are continuously upgrading. In addition, the brand takes very well to customer feedback and ensures improvement in their products.


Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors

Founded in: 1922

Main products: Tire inflator, chain saws, compressors

Founded in 1922, DEWALT is another leading name for an air pump manufacturing company. The brand has a rich history of unpatrolled performance in tech and advancements. To this day, DEWALT continues to optimize and design professional job sites with the latest accessories, tools, and services.

The brand ensures the most demanding solutions. Their products have always stood out where durability and power were concerned. They are tested under rigorous conditions for maximum quality assurance.

5. Worksite

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Company type: Manufacturers, Retailers

Founded in: 1998

Main products: Tire inflator, compressors

The Worksite was established in the USA in 1998. The brand has dedicated itself to manufacturing high-quality power tools at affordable prices. They currently have three warehouses and two factories in the United States. Additionally, Worksite also alliances with several leading companies to expand their sales.

Worksite has an incredible management system, and its latest R&D jobs have allowed it to become the largest retail chain in the world. The brand also offers ODM service if you’re looking for tools Worksite doesn’t include.

6. Vlair Corp

Location: USA

Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors

Founded in: 1992

Main products: Tire inflators, air compressors

Vlair is a top producer of high-quality oil-less air compressors and tire inflators. Its quality engineered components have become the gold standard for 12-V and 24-V automotive aftermarket applications around the globe.

The brand has been in business for more than 25 years. It has become a trusted name among consumers in various parts of the world. Its products are highly reliable, and the customer service never disappoints. Most automotive enthusiasts are always eager to trust Vlair for its commendable services.


Location: Illinois, USA

Company type: Manufacturers, Distributors

Founded in: 1926

Main products: Tire inflators, handheld saws, air compressors

SKIL is famous for coming up with one of the first handheld saws. Since then, the brand has led the way in innovation, launching high-quality and patented automotive tools.

The brand has launched several products that deliver top-notch power and performance with various intelligent features. These tools are there to ensure you’re able to resolve Jobsite challenges in real-time. Not to mention, their warranties are the best in the industry.

All SKIL products are backed by a 3 to 5-year warranty to assure customers excellent value for their money.


So these are some of the leading tire inflator manufacturers around the globe. These were some of the trusted names in the industry today, offering excellent products to their customers.

These brands continue to expand their agencies worldwide. And as top traders in the market, their profits also continue to grow.

Before you choose any tire inflator for your daily use, make sure you have done your research right. Read reviews and don’t forget to compare products to find the best pick.

Hopefully, we have added value to your time and money. If there are any other manufacturers you might have in mind, we would like to know about them through your feedback below. Thank you so much for reading.


Hi,I am May, I have been in this car accessories industry in 5 years and I will share you the most valuable information.The purpose of this article is to share with your knowledges related from a Chinese Supplier's Perspective.


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