How Tire Inflator Boosts Gas Station Sales

With the economic conditions becoming tough for everyone, businesses are now looking for different ways to improve their sales. Especially in the fuel sector, whether it’s the wholesaler, supplier or the distributor, companies have been seeking opportunities to boost their sales and brand value through various means.

But you can only sell fuel through a gas station, and that too depends on how much fuel the users consume. So, how do you improve your sales at a gas station when you are primarily a fuel retailer?

While there are many ways to have recurring customers at a gas station, such as providing top quality customer service, introducing discount schemes, etc., you need something bigger if you want an instant boost in your gas station sales. One great way of doing that is to introduce a tire inflator service at your facility.

Vehicles Need More than Just Fuel

As a gas station owner, you would want people to fuel up from your facility every time. But let’s face it, the majority of drivers prefer better prices when selecting a specific gas station.

Other than that, some factors that affect the choice of a fuel pump include:

  • The quality of fuel
  • Driving habits
  • Time of the day

While these behaviors are important to consider, there is no way a driver can continue traveling with a deflated tire. So, why not give them this essential service and make money out of it?

Likewise, even though a monthly check is enough many drivers are check their tire pressure every time they start their journey.  Hence, if you can provide them with this facility at your gas station, it can boost your station sales within no time.

How Tire Inflators Can Boost Sales

Having tire inflators at your gas station can help in many ways. Here are some reasons why it’s a great opportunity.

1. Gives You a Chance to Provide the Best Customer Experience

Drivers at a gas station are generally in a hurry, especially during the daytime. So, just a refuel may not give you enough time to provide the best customer care. But if you have an instant tire inflator service and a quick pressure check service, it can entice drivers for a quick stop-by just to check their tire pressure.

Hence, you can not only provide pressure checks for your customers but provide them with quick feedback on their tire condition too. You can talk about when they need a tire change, or talk to them about other tire problems that they might be facing.

The bottom line is that when a customer stops at your tire inflator service, you must grab their attention by talking about possible tire problems and how you can provide solutions. If you can convince them about a problem, there is every chance they would come back to you for service.

Additionally, if you have any other tire-care or general care products, you can sell them too. This way, you can make a long-term customer-relation just by talking about tire problems.


2. Technology-Based Inflators Attract Modern Consumers

Modern drivers prefer digits and meters that give them an intuitive idea about their car health. The same goes for tire checks too. Even though the older analog tire inflators can do the job perfectly, it’s the digital and tech-oriented inflators that are more likely to attract the customers.

For instance, if you have digital display tire inflators at your gas station, the customer feels more comfortable by looking at pressure readings, and it’s easier to convince them if they have a tire problem. So, once you’ve captured their attention, you provide more services and expect good returns on your marketing efforts.

That’s why, having digital equipment at your gas station, especially for tire inflators can be a great way to boost your gas station sales.

3. Offer Attractive Tire Care Deals

Customer retention is all about providing something extra. Now, with the current fuel prices and economic conditions, reward points and loyalty programs seem to be a challenging option for gas station owners.

 But if you have a tire inflator service, you can offer some benefits to your customers for recurring visits and monthly tire checks. For instance, provide give them incentives by a free tire check every time they visit you.

Likewise, you can offer discounts on checking all four tires or for purchasing special tires changing and repair services from your gas station. The bottom line is to provide additional benefits to improve your chances of sales.

4. Provide Instant Support with Portable Inflators

Modern inflators are easy to move around. So, if you have mobile tire inflators at your gas station, you can provide instant help to not just drivers that come to your gas station but those who are in the nearby.

For instance, you can setup an emergency call service and provide tire inflation services in the neighborhood. This will help you in:

  • Providing a better customer service
  • Creating brand reliability
  • Attracting more customers by providing them an insight to your provided services

So, upgrading to a portable tire inflator is a smart option to boost your gas station sales.

5. Reduce Service Time with Easy to Use Inflators

We talked about how quick service is an essential part of quality customer service. Thanks to portable digital tire inflators it’s quite convenient for drivers to quickly connect and inflate tires. So, you can allow self-service at the gas station and your customers can inflate tires on their own without needing technical help.

This allows you to create an automated tire inflation system where drivers come in, inflate, and leave. As a result, you will reduce service time and can address more customers.


Boosting your gas station sales with tire inflators is an intuitive and quick-to-implement option. You don’t need intense market research or technical expertise to venture into this business. Just get in touch with a reliable tire inflator wholesaler and pick your favorite option. The addition of a few techy tire inflators can potentially boost your gas station sales by attracting more traffic than usual.


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