What Is A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Portable car vacuum cleaner comes in handy when we are to keep debris and dirt out of our cars. Car vacuum cleaners are available in different price ranges and models.

So how are you going to decide which car vacuum cleaner is best for you?

Whether you should, buy a wet or a dry car vacuum cleaner. This article is all about car vacuum cleaners, their different models, and where to purchase them.

What Is A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

A car vacuum cleaner is a device which is used to collect garbage and sweep the carpets in the car. Mostly car vacuum cleaners are lightweight and portable so their transportation is quite easy. Some models have adaptors which help them to plug-in inside the car.

Car maintenance is important to keep it in good outlook and for the travelers’ safety inside. Therefore, you have to select the products wisely and carefully for interior cleaning and upkeep. The vacuum cleaner is the most important device for car interior maintenance and cleaning car.

You should always purchase a car vacuum cleaner from a reputable brand because it can give you the high standard performance needed by everyone. Currently, car vacuum cleaners are available in various designs that also differ in operation and features.

Some of the considerations to examine when selecting equipment.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Car Vacuum Cleaner

Size and Weight

The size and weight are important as the portability factor depend on them. The smaller vacuum cleaner will occupy less space. However, the smaller size means a less powerful motor. So you can choose between size and power, which one has high priority.

The small car vacuum cleaner provides convenient transportation due to its compact size and lightweight. But it is recommended to check the motor’s suction power so that it performs the job adequately.

Cord or Cordless

A cordless car vacuum cleaner is better to handle due to its easy movability. The downside of such a model is its battery power which you need to charge every time before using it. Moreover, some models run out of battery in no time.

Some cleaners have good quality lithium-ion batteries that can last for at least 40 minutes. This time is enough for thorough interior cleaning of the car. However, when choosing a cordless cleaner, always select the faded-free model, which means the performance does not decline on a low battery; instead, the cleaner abruptly stops when the battery completely drains out.

This feature is very useful because it provides the same suction power till the end of the battery. However, some hybrid models are also available, with both a battery and a cord. In such models, there can be a built-in power extension line. At the same time, some of these models may get power from the car cigarette lighter. If the vacuum cleaner gets power from inside the car, it can easily reach every corner of the car.

Wet and Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

A cleaner machine that pulls dirt and wet has an increasing demand because they provide the luxury of cleaning dirt alongside liquids. The wet and dry car vacuum cleaners have the high suction power to work efficiently in both wet and dry spills.

In addition, these models are free from any bags or sacks, so there are no worries about disposing of them. Thus, these cleaners provide a high-end efficient cleaning.

Noise level

The noise level depends on the design of the cleaner, its power, and build quality. Suppose the noise level is higher than it may need an early service. At the same time, the quitter models may have a longer service life. Usually, the optimum noise level range in modern vacuum cleaners is 54-85dB.

Motor Power Of Car Vacuum

The operational efficiency of vacuum and the suction capability usually depends on the motor’s power. Generally, the power consumption ranges between 1200W to 2400W. Some cleaners come with a power adjustment option which in some models, you cannot adjust the power they usually run at their full.

It is recommended to select the vacuum cleaner with variable voltage adjustment so that you can control the power flow as per your need. For Instance, you may require more power to clean seats and less for the upholstery.

The Dust Cleaner

The duct cleaner’s capacity will determine how frequently you need to clean the container. However, the size of the container depends on the size of the cleaner. If the container is smaller, you will need to clean it more often.

Textile bags

Textile bags are not commonly used, but they can be an option if paper bags are unavailable.

These bags can hold tiny particles of 100-200 microns in size. But the, periodic cleaning is a must for a good operation. Moreover, the vacuum’s suction power may decrease due to the textile pores.

Paper bags

Paper bags can capture the particles tinier in the size of 1-3 microns. These bags do not affect the suction power since they are thicker than textile bags. The bags are designed to provide comfortable changing with hygiene. However, paper bags require more replacement as compared to textile bags.

Cyclone Cleaners with No Bag

In cyclone cleaners, a plastic container is used instead of a paper or textile bag that is easy to clean and wash. The biggest upside is it does not require any replacement. The air rotates inside the container in the form of a spiral so that larger particles are collected at the outer radius while the smaller ones remain in the filter. The cyclone cleaner-based filters are complex in design, and they need careful cleaning.

What Is The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner?

The good cleaner must have an extendable brush that can reach the places mostly deprived of cleaning. Some cleaners have extra lights that help in under-seat cleaning.

Different models of car vacuum cleaners come with various features and add-ons. Moreover, some cleaners come with additional service tools that help in suction, especially in closed areas. So the best cleaner is the one that comes with extra tools that boost the cleaning process.


Wrapping up the discussion, a car vacuum cleaner is a machine that sucks dirt and debris particles from the interior of a car. These machines come in variable power and models in the market. So when you intend to buy a car vacuum cleaner, look for its size, shape, features, and price. Furthermore, it is important to maintain the good maintenance of the vacuum cleaner for its efficient and longer service life.


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