When is the Right Time to Change My Car Tire

It is very important to take good care of your vehicle because it will ensure the safety of your family and other travelers. We devote a significant amount of work to maintaining the components of our automobiles, but the tires are frequently overlooked.

The tires are the most important car parts that you cannot ignore as the whole vehicle relies on them. This article will describe the best time to change your car tires.

When is the Right Time to Change My Car Tire?

The right time to replace car tires is when the tread has become worn out. This time is typically 5 to 6 years. The tires contain treads that describe their ability to provide adequate road grip. The tires are continuously getting friction from the road, which results in their wear and tear. Due to this excessive wear and tear, the tread becomes weak and eventually wears out.

Therefore the car mechanic will check the tires during an oil change. Moreover, during the car service, the mechanic will determine how much the tread is worn out, which helps determine the time for a change of car tires.

Sometimes during an unfortunate accident, the car tires get partially damaged, so it is recommended to change them to avoid any future accident. Similarly, driving off-road and in harsh conditions, it is better to keep a regular check on the tire conditions because such terrains demand tire changing more often.

In addition, the driving habits also determine how long it takes to change the car tire. The speed of driving, conditions of roads and tracks where you drive, how you are applying the brakes, and how often you are going to maintain your vehicle.

Why Should I Change My Car Tires

The car has to stop when brakes are applied, turn and accelerate. All these actions are dependent on the performance of tires. If the tires are in the correct position and right condition, they will be able to properly control the car and provide a strong grip on the wet road.

In general, it requires a six-year period for the change of tires when the tread depth becomes too low. So the two important aspects that determine the time of car tire changing include depth of tread and the tire manufacturing date, and these are the primary reasons you should change the tires of your car.

Although the tires look fine, low tread depth causes problems on rainy, snowy, and wet roads. The brakes won’t be able to control the car as the tires are not providing enough grip. However, a general rule for replacing car tires is six years, even if the tread depth is normal.

In addition, the rubber in the older tires can crack due to dryness which may lead to tire blow during travel.

What Is the Right Tire Size for My Car

Making correct tire selection is the key to the car’s optimal performance. Moreover, it also ensures the safety and economy of the fuel. The information about the size of the car tire is easy to find, and it can be located in no time. For Instance, you can find the car tire size inside the driver’s door, the fuel flap, and the glove compartment.

You can also read the vehicle documentation or the specifications provided by the tire manufacturers. In addition, the size of the tire is also printed on the side wall of the tire.

Rules to Consider When Selecting the Car Tire Size

The three things have to count when selecting the tire. Firstly, the size should be the same, then you may identify the load index, and then the speed rating should be according to the manufacturer rating of the vehicle or the tire.

The replacement tires should meet the size and load-carrying capacity of the original ones since small tires will not do the job properly. Mostly the vehicle documents contain the car tire sizes, which are recommended alongside the certificate of conformity CoC.

This certificate contains information about alternate car tire sizes. Sometimes this document is not available, so that you can consult the manufacturer for this information.

How to Read Side Wall of Tire for the Size

The information present on the side wall of the car tire contains;

  • Tire width in millimeters
  • Percentage of height and width of the side wall
  • Rim diameter and radial construction
  • Load index and speed index

There may be some other information present on the side wall of the car tires, but this is not very relevant in determining the car tire size.

Load Index

Load index describes the maximum load-bearing capacity of a car tire. The maximum allowed axle load range between two tires is used to calculate the load index of a car tire.

Speed Index

Another important aspect is the speed index, which is a decisive factor in car tire selection. The car tires must be capable of coping with the vehicle’s top speed. The speed rating indicates how much speed the tires can bear when running at full load and whether this high speed is suitable for the car.

Therefore it is vital to choose the correct car tire size according to the documentation provided by the manufacturer. Any mismatch in tire size will result in severe differences in car speed and efficiency.

However, if you want to switch to a different car tire size, it must comply with the prevailing rules and regulations and fulfill all the legal requirements.

 How Much Is It to Change a Tire

Tire replacement cost depends on the type of vehicle. Additionally you can have a good tire inflator to help you out in your journey. Larger vehicles require sturdy and robust tires to support heavy loads. For Standard tires, the replacement cost is about $50 to $200, which may vary according to different brands and qualities. For larger vehicles, the price of a tire may reach up to $350.

When you have decided on a replacement, it is better to change all the tires simultaneously. This action will greatly save you the cost as all tires are starting simultaneously; thus, their wear and tear will also be at an equal pace.

Final Words

Finally, car tires play a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the vehicle. So it is important to check the tires during maintenance. This check will show how many tires are worn out and when you need to replace them.

Generally, after elapsing for six-year years, you may need to change your car’s tires. But the other factors like driving habits, road and terrain conditions, and how much and how hard you are applying the brakes.

In addition, it is important to consider the right size for your car tire, and the selection must be made keeping in view the manufacturer’s recommendations and legal implications.


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